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Art for children's rooms.

At Gallery Piccolo we offer really inspiring art that will encourage children to think, learn and to emulate what they see.   We are on a mission to elevate the standard of art that children are exposed to and push the back the boundaries of what is considered suitable for a child's room. We aim for serious inspiration for young minds…..

Our carefully curated range of beautiful quality limited edition and open edition prints, and our unique pieces will have enduring appeal and allow you to invest in contemporary artists’ work that your children will never tire of and will treasure for a life-time. 

The idea for Gallery Piccolo was formed through my own experiences of searching for art for my children's rooms.

I became frustrated with the lack of good quality original art which is suitable for a child's room.  I believe children respond positively to something more challenging and visually stimulating and greater credit can be given to them in terms of their aesthetic tastes.

My love of art developed at school age and I pursued it through my education and early career working in a commercial print gallery.  The work on this site has been selected and curated specifically to meet our vision for exposing our children to original art.


Our online gallery has its HQ in London, but we deliver artworks for kids globally, through our site. We started this enterprise in 2017, with the desire to offer something new and original.


Gallery Piccolo is not just a business, but a passion for us. Remember that what you see on our website is the work of qualified artists in the field of children’s art and beyond, who fit our vision of finding art for children to inspire and cherish. We’re open to new ideas and we would love to hear from our customers, present and future.

I hope this site will provide you with what you are looking for and that you will find something spectacular for your children.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy what you see.

Emma Cale, Director, Gallery Piccolo

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We welcome new artists to our site who fit our vision for children's rooms.  Please get in touch at

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