Amanda Blunden

Art for children's bedrooms

Amanda Blunden is an artist living and working in South West London.

She has a BA Hons degree in Fine Art where she studied at Leeds and her artistic career has included murals: surface pattern design for a fashion designer; paper-mache furniture and grandfather clocks: and painting. Since 1990, she has shown her work in various craft makers’ books and sold her work in galleries, interior design shops and art outlets across London and the UK.


Her work has always been inspired by folk art symbols, nature and the natural world. She uses rich and fresh colours as well as a monochrome palette.

More recently Amanda has been working on paper and on canvas, using a variety of media – acrylic; monoprint; collage; charcoal, pastel and pen; and digital media.


“I am fascinated by the process of applying layers to build texture and by playing with colour. I might start an idea of a landscape or seascape and see where it takes me. It’s a journey of discovery which often takes me off in a different direction! The animal images are created as a bold and quirky statement with an added twist to give them a contemporary edge”.

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