Giuliana Lazzerini

Giuliana Lazzerini, artist, art for children's rooms

Giuliana was born in Tuscany, Italy. She gained a Master of Arts from the Istituto D’Arte Stagio Stagi in Pietrasanta and graduated in painting from the Accademia Di Belle Arti in Carrara. She moved to Yorkshire in 1987 and now lives in York. Giuliana became inspired by art during her childhood, when much of her time was spent in her father’s studio in Italy. “The translucency of mosaic images and the way colours can vibrate against each other always fascinated me”. The Tuscan landscape and her childhood memories bear a strong influence on Giuliana’s work and her use of colour plays an important role in conveying emotion in all her subjects.

She has had numerous Solo Exhibitions, amongst them in, Italy, Switzerland, Michigan USA, London, Glasgow, Leeds, Bradford, Doncaster, Durham and York. She has regularly exhibited at the R.I. and R.O.I. at the Mall Galleries, London. Her work has been three times finalist in Singer & Friedlander and shown at Discerning Eye Exhibitions. She has also won Awards in Rome, Florence, Forte Dei Marmi, Milan, and the R.I., Mall Galleries, London.

Giuliana has work published by The Art Group for clients such as; IKEA, W.H.Smiths and Athena. Currently with Museums & Galleries Cards in U.K. Critical acclaim has come from; Peter Wolland, Antonella Serafini, Robin Stemp, Mary Sara, Edward Gage.


"I carve my linocuts and woodcuts by hand and ink them, then individually print them myself on a hand operated printing press, sometimes burnishing them by hand. This process is repeated for every colour needed, as some prints are made of 3 to 4 printing plates. I mix all my inks myself for each batch of prints I make and every print is individually signed by me. Some of my linocuts are also Limited Editions, usually small editions, and not mass produced. The number on the bottom left corner of a print, for example 6/25 would be the sixth print in total edition of 25. After the edition is completed the wood or lino carving plates are destroyed and no more prints will be made. I normally do a few Artist’s Proofs (A.P.) before I start the edition, to try different options. Also some prints are marked E.V. for Edition Varied, so the total number stated will include different colour variations".

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