Jane Ormes

"I am a printmaker with a passion for pattern and the absurd.  When I was 7 I won an art prize at school.  The headmaster held it upside down and I was (quietly) furious.

I live in the vibrant city of Bristol in an untidy house with my family and 2 elderly blind cats.  I have a loft studio where I can shut myself away and I create my prints at the wonderful Spike Print Studio, near the waterfront.

I grew up in Germany, Cyprus and Buckinghamshire and studied Surface Pattern Design at Leicester Polytechnic, graduating in 1987.  I have been a freelance designer since then and rediscovered screen printing in 2004.  I exhibit my limited edition screen prints at galleries throughout the country.  I have also worked with clients that include Ikea, Marks and Spencer and John Lewis.

Career highs have included spying one of my card designs on the Royal desk during the Queen's Christmas Day speech, spotting my print during an episode of Coronation Street, and having a design printed onto chocolate.

I like to run, sing and dance, not all at the same time, and my current crush is that chap off Poldark".

Work by this artist.....

Art for children's bedrooms