Leeanne Grassnick

Who is Leeanne Grassnick and who is LeeLee the balloon?


Leeanne Grassnick is an upcoming self-made artist, pursuing her dream of creating art for children. She is originally from Germany, but has lived in Clapham London for many years now. Leeanne, also called Leelee by her loved ones, grew up in Australia, Germany, France, the United States, Russia and the Netherlands. Leeanne’s illustrations all feature a red balloon called LeeLee, resembling her love for seeing the world in its full beauty and living adventure.


“LeeLee the balloon is an inspiration and reflection of my childhood and adulthood memories, always being encouraged by my parents to discover the world, its beautiful places and fabulous people. The balloon represents the beauty of freedom, of movement and of following the things we love.” Leeanne Grassnick


Leelee is the balloon that every child once held, and that then got away. She is very bright and shiny, and has a gracious long string tale. That moment as a child when your balloon slips out of your fingers is devastating. However, seeing it fly off to new adventures is reassuring, brings hope, excitement, it makes you wonder where the balloon will end up and all the great things it will see.


Leelee is one of many balloons that has accidentally been let go by her little owner, and is now on a big adventure discovering the world and travelling across exciting places. Leelee's adventures spread across country sides and cities, oceans and continents. Every so often Leelee finds a new little owner to be held by for a little while, but sooner or later adventure calls and she is off again.


Leelee represents dreaming, discovery, adventure, independence, letting go, hope and making precious memories. Her story and adventure does not end and they alternate based on the imagination and dreams of the audience.


In some pictures, the audience will find a tiny mouse following Leelee from the ground. The mouse represents Leelee not being alone, showing that she has consistency of loved ones at her side, even when she travels freely.

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