Linda Edwards

Linda has been an artist since she could first hold a pencil and an illustrator for over twenty years; known for her use of intense colour and detail her art is guaranteed to lift the spirits.


Born in Africa and returning there later to live for some years, Linda grew up in the North east of England and has no formal art training. She continues to practice as a painter in oils and watercolour, often incorporating gold leaf. She has exhibited at the Royal Academy and recently with the Royal Watercolour Society.


Linda’s illustration work includes many books for Usborne Publishing, among them the best selling Usborne Children's Bible and Children's Picture Atlas. Goebel in Germany licensed her designs for Paradise Garden, an enamel tea pot and porcelain figurine collection. She was known there as 'The Elephant Lady'!


“It’s so important for children to have art in their lives and such fun to paint for them.”

Work by this artist.....