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Blue Animal Jamboree Print (Personalised) by Little Letter Studio

  • This is an original collection of Animal Jamboree illustrations by artist, Jo Martin. All of Jo's illustrations are hand-drawn and then digitally reproduced. Each print is accompanied by a personalised and embossed certificate, signed by Jo. The print and certificate arrive gift-wrapped in tissue paper. All prints are supplied unframed and are designed to fit standard frame sizes.

    All of Little Letter Studio's nursery prints are designed and individually made in Edinburgh, Scotland. We make all of our prints in-house to ensure the highest quality. We only use fine art archival paper and archival inks. Using lightfast inks on premium acid-free paper ensures a lifetime's durability.Join my Animal Jamboree! Give your child a timeless and unique nursery print, personalised with their name in rainbow letters on a neutral, cream background - it's the perfect gift for a little girl or boy!

    These beautiful prints feature hand-drawn animals, exquisitely realised with many little details, all beginning with the same letter. Children will love discovering them all!

    Each print is unique and made-to-order - please allow between 5-10 days for me to make your order. I'll always try to make it sooner!

    Your print will be created from drawings from this list. Some letters have multiple drawings so, if you have a preference for one drawing over another, please request this in the boxes below. Otherwise, I'll use my creative judgement to make the perfect print for you!

    A - Aardvark
    A - Alpaca
    B - Bear
    C - Capybara
    C - Cat
    D - Duck
    E - Elephant / egg
    E - Elephant / euphonium
    ​E- Egret
    F - Flamingo
    G - Giraffe
    H - Hippotamus (yellow headband)
    H - Hippotamus (red striped headband)
    H - Heron
    I - Ibis
    I - Ibex
    J - Jaguar
    K - Kakapo
    L - Llama
    L - Lobster
    M - Manatee
    M - Meerkat
    N - Narwhal
    N - Numbat
    O - Octopus
    O - Owl
    O - Ostrich
    P - Panda
    P - Penguin
    Q - Quokka
    R - Rabbit / recorder
    R - Rabbit / roller skates
    R - Raccoon
    R - Rhinocerus
    S - Squid
    S - Swan
    T - Turtle
    ​T - Toucan
    U - Umbrella Bird
    V - Vampire Bat
    W - Walrus
    X - X-Ray Tetra Fish
    Y - Yak
    Z - Zebra