Teresa Winchester

"As a child I loved to curl up in a chair with a book and read of magical worlds, brave deeds and princesses. The only pastime I enjoyed more was to draw the pictures these stories suggested. And I still love doing this.

Nowadays I'm a storyteller, and stories  continue to inspire my work. Some of the images emerge from the well known tales such as the Red Shoes, but others drift into my mind quite unexpectedly, often just when I'm falling asleep! Some images, such as the Zebra Race, are not about a traditional wonder tale, and I like to think that the viewer will seek their their own story asking themselves what it's all about!

I am a printmaker and a painter living and working in Brighton where I open my house every May during the Brighton Festival as part of the Fiveways group. My relief prints are produced on a wonderful old Columbian press in the BIP studio. Apart from my printmaking I also paint in oils and acrylics."

Work by this artist