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The Mama Bjorn

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Victoria Holmsen von Stalsberg, founder of The Mama Bjorn, has had a passion for creativity since childhood.  Always experimenting with new ideas and materials, it was inevitable that she would pursue a career as an artist.


Following her degree in Theatre and Costume Design, she worked in various creative environments before graduating from Chelsea College of Art and Design with an MA in Textile Design in 2014. 


Garments featuring Victoria’s hand drawn designs have retailed in Laura Ashley, Hush, John Lewis, Emily & Fin, Anthropologie and more. Her pen and ink illustrations are inspired by nature and the world around her, quirky conversational prints are her signature style.


After the birth of her son, she began to carve a series of animal-themed Alphabet linocuts whilst he napped; printing personalised Initials for new babies and children’s bedrooms. She soon had multiple orders for Letters in an array of vibrant colours.


Each of Victoria’s considered yet playful linocuts are printed individually by hand from her kitchen table in south London.

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